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Russian cities use RFID technology to realize library self-borrowing books

 The Russian city of Tomsk opened the first library without a librarian. According to the head of the library, Lyudmila Butenko, from November 9 to 10, Tomsk citizens received 100 library cards.

    "Our library is holding an open day," Lyudmila Butenko said, "We have an independent book distribution station to distribute books through RFID technology. This technology allows readers to be fully self-help. So far, we have been testing new equipment. Every This book has an RFID tag that records the date of issue, title and anti-theft logo. At the self-service station, readers can view a list of their personal accounts, borrowed books, accrued expenses and library card information.
    The library has computers, multimedia equipment and an open office area with a total of five laptops, equipped with reading area, sofa and free Wi-Fi. The Book Fund supplemented 1,200 books. About 5 million rubles were spent on building this style of library.
    The new generation library is opened under the Russian project "Culture". In 2018, six libraries in the Tomsk region received modernization funding. Currently, the Red Army Library has 135 readers.